About Me

I have been playing the flute since the age of 7, going on to study music performance and psychology at Indiana University.  I obtained a Master’s Degree in Education and Doctoral Degree in Child Psychology from Pace University in Manhattan.  I also have a second Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from Stony Brook University.

I have worked as the principal flutist with the Adelphi Symphony Orchestra and have been performing on flute and piccolo regularly with the Atlantic Wind Symphony and the Sound Symphony for over 10 years.  I am the newest member of the FlutissimoQuartet, recently joining in 2019.  From 1990-2004 I was the principal flute and then the music director/conductor for Creative Ministries pit orchestra.  After I began performing in many theaters, I decided I wanted to become a ‘doubler’ and began to study clarinet.  I am the personnel manager for the Sound Symphony and an active board member of the Long Island Flute Club.  

My most influential teachers include Peter Lloyd, Julius Baker, Alison Hubbard, and Harold Bennett.  I perform on a Haynes Fusion flute and a Powell piccolo.

In addition to performing, I find great joy in teaching. I have maintained a flute studio for over thirty years. My students have always been a great source of inspiration and many have gone on to major in music in college and perform or teach professionally.  My students have been accepted into Eastman School of Music, Boston Conservatory, Ithaca, Indiana University, Potsdam, and Fredonia, to name a few.